The problem


The Problem

America has slowly lost its national conscience, morality, and virtue. We lost our collective understanding of what we should do (the honorable thing), and what we shouldn’t do (the dishonorable thing). In 1962, the Supreme Court ruled the public education system does not have the constitutional right to teach spiritual or religious curriculum. 

Prior to this court ruling, American culture was characterized by constitutional rights (what we are entitled to), laws (what we are allowed to do), and morality (what we ought to do). After the court ruling, American culture was minimized to only include what we are entitled to and what we can get away with. We lost sight of the principle that inspires us to honor one another.

America has also become an extremely divided nation, consumed with hateful rhetoric from both major political parties and their media outlets. The United Party’s enemy is not a political party, our enemy is the division.